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Corporations & Their Employees

Leading a corporation full of employees, each with their own lives and families, can lead to some unique financial strategy considerations. Not only are you looking out for you and yours, and ensuring that your business remains profitable, but you’re also caring for the lives of those you lead. When you work with GoodStreet Financial, we can help you navigate the complexities of planning for your business, for your employees, and for your future.

Today’s labor market is competitive, and finding quality employees that have the experience, values, and knowledge necessary for the job can be a challenge. Then, after you’ve put your team together, you still have to figure out how to keep them motivated and happy to be there. Offering benefits that are the right fit for your business can help to reduce employee turnover, which in turn also helps your long-term stability. Even though it’s an added expense, it’s typically much less than what it takes to hire, train, and retain new employees.

We can guide you through the process of designing a custom benefits package that keeps you competitive and doesn’t drain your wallet. We’ll show you a wide variety of services and solutions to find the options that fit your needs and budget. Certain options can come at little to no cost to you, such as a voluntary payroll deduction program. No matter what your needs are or where you’re at in the process of establishing a benefits package, we’re here to help. Some of our key services are listed below.

Retirement Plans*

Group Major Medical Plans

Group Disability Insurance Plans

Group Life
Insurance Plans

Group Dental and
Vision Plans

Flexible Spending Accounts